Cinzia Coratelli was born in Bari on 10/12/1976.

Since a little girl , she has had a strong propensity for drawing and painting, but, at the beginning, she gave no weight. But almost unwittingly continued to draw until high scientific  school ended; than artistic passion has slowly taken over. It was a parallel secret word, only since 2006 she has chosen to confront herself whit the outside world. During these years there is as passionate self-taught graphics. Years of suffering from panic attacks, something that has upset their lives separating them much of his freedom but not the desire to create.

Her painting is in progress, tapping the material. Privatized the most runs his unconscious, transferring over canvas, is a dialogue between life events and if her world. Her world revolves, and it is said through colors, as if the multi-dimensional color every corner of the soul, a deliberately deceiving chromatism for the viewer, just as in life, distracted by the colors turned on heavily realize only later of the veil of malaise that surrounds its work.